Social Health Journal

SoHeJo (Social Health Journal) is the journal of community service in health sciences published by the Faculty of Health, University of Muhammadiyah Pringsewu Lampung. SoHejo Contains is handling problems related to public health at the national level. The purpose of the SoHeJo publication journal is to convey the results of a counseling, thoughts, programs and research results used to achieve public health.

The SoHeJo community service journal contains the results of community service activities carried out by health scientists from the findings. Community service can be in the form of several activities that can improve social health status by deceiving the use of various potential, obstacles, challenges and health problems in the community. The intended community is the community within the population, school, and primary health care environment; posyandu, posbindu, Polindes, Hospiece, Puskesmas, health practices, factories and business premises etc. The implementation of community service activities also involves a number of partners in order to maximize the results of community service, such as local government, policy makers and leaders.

The frequency of SoHeJo journal publications is going to publish in twice a year. Every author could following the submission guidelines for submiting teh manuscript. The editor only accept the manuscript that following the guidelines and format.

Every article submitted will be accepted by the editorial team to be assessed for compatibility with the journal scope (SoHeJo) and Guideline. then sent to the reviewer for the review process.

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